Our Supporters

This festival would not have happened without the financial help and encouragement of The Weir Charitable Trust. They came forward at a time when things were looking just a tad grim. We are forever in their debt. They are a shining beacon of philanthropic goodwill.

The University of Edinburgh not only threw open the doors for us to find speakers, they helped us financially to create our programme.

One morning, an envelope appeared in our office. It sported our address in beautiful handwriting, which is thrilling in this day and age. Even more thrillingly, there was a cheque inside from a wonderful woman and one of Scotland’s finest scholars, Sarah Fraser. Sarah speaks with us not once but twice, and is an outstanding friend to ‘Previously… Scotland’s History Festival’.

The Honourable Peregrine Moncreiffe, a true history devotee with a keenly held sense of heritage, stepped forward with wonderful generosity, for which we are so grateful.

As Festival Director, I personally would like to thank Marie Storrar, who has designed our website, programme and all things media related. She listens patiently to my many deranged ideas and never says nope, can’t do that. She makes great things happen. She’s also a grand gal for having a sneaky wee lunch with now and then.

Dinner is more the style of Ann Landmann. Theoretically, Ann works for Blackwell Books, but she is a force of nature for us. Few authors writing in history crossed her path without getting their ears bent by this formidable young woman. Without her help this strong, dynamic and engaging programme might never have happened.

Jen McGregor has a passion for bringing Scotland’s history to the stage. She also has a steady shoulder and a good ear for a sympathy when needed.

There are so many other people who came forward with help, assistance and tea when required. Angela Stormont who helps with funding and Jacqui Low who is the finest kicker of bahookies I know. George Lamb is a kind, steadfast friend. There are the good people in the Methodist Church, the Bongo Club, The Monkey Barrel and The Storytelling Centre.

And, of course, our patron, Professor Sir Tom Devine.

As they say in tearful speeches at the Oscars, we couldn’t have done this without you.