Some frequently asked questions

What or who are Previously...?
It’s an incredibly small team who put this event on, and they are all volunteers. We’re not associated with a particular university (although we would like to thank the University of Edinburgh for their support and funding) or any other ‘official’ organisation.

Basically, it’s all Susan’s fault.
Why is it called Previously...?

Ah, that’s Marie’s wonderful idea. She is the empress of digital and branding. She came up with the idea because history really is a tremendous long-running drama. Yes, history is about kings, queens and battles, but, it’s also the story of those millions of people who just went about their business every day and contributed to our story, from a Newhaven fishwife walking the High Street selling her wares to the teenage boy daydreaming at Leith about foreign shores, to the bookseller who opens his shop on the Grassmarket everyday and sometimes sells that Walter Scott an antiquarian book or two.

Our history is made up of these lives and their stories, and as they say on all good long running dramas’s the story so far.

Why bother?
Because history is great, because Scottish history is even greater. Our history has no showcase moment like the Science / Book / Arts festivals, and it’s time that changed.

Who funds Previously?
We’ve received funding from the University of Edinburgh, and the City of Edinburgh council, so thanks to both ! Sadly, we haven’t yet attracted the sort of money that can produce a bigger festival.

You seem to have shrunk slightly?
Well, it’s not through lack of ambition. As we said, Previously... has perilous little funding and even less resource, so we focussed our energies in 2015 on a smaller festival in Edinburgh over a shorter period.  However, we still harbour mighty ambitions to reach every corner of Scotland. Eventually.

Who do I speak to about events in 2016?
Drop us an email at !

I think this festival is a disgrace and I’d like to complain...
Oh well, in that case, it’s probably Susan you’d best get onto.

You’re charging for nearly all your events?
Yes, it’s just small charge to help us recover a little cash to help us carry on.

Would you like money?
Yes please. If you’ve got some, speak to Susan.