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Who are you ?

Previously is created entirely by a team of unpaid volunteers. If you want to thank them, please do so at our events, and if you want to complain about anything, go directly to Susan. (susan@historyfest.co.uk)

Why a history festival?

Because there isn’t one on this scale in Scotland, and to be brutally frank, why should the scientists have all the fun? There around 15 science festivals in Scotland, which is a great thing, but history deserves it’s stage, too. Our communities are strengthened by knowing their roots and cherishing their environments. Understanding each other’s stories connects us. Past achievements should be celebrated, and even that darker history should be brought out into the light.

Who funds you?

Many thanks to the lovely people at the Weir Charitable Trust, the University of Edinburgh, Sarah Fraser and Peregrine Moncreiffe.

Where is this festival?

Why is ‘Scotland’s history festival’ only in Edinburgh? Very true and well spotted. But we harbour ambitions to spread far beyond the city boundaries and take in the entire country. Scotland has history squeezed into every nook and cranny of our landscape. Let’s celebrate it.

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Oct / 01 / 2017

Blog: No way to treat a Knight

How the ladies must have sighed when that helmet came off post-joust and his famous long, wavy locks swept over his armour clad shoulders.

Oct / 05 / 2017

Blog: Hellfire and a wee dod o' sugar

A sweetie even John Knox would have loved, the Pan Drop fitted the needs of a congregation facing eternal damnation, whilst sitting on a solid wooden seat for a very long time.

Oct / 07 / 2017

Blog: Electric Love

James had twin passions, reproduction and electricity, combined in his magnificent masterpiece, The Celestial Bed, the heart of his Temple of Hymen, opened in London in 1781.

Oct / 08 / 2017

Blog: Paisley pattern

By the middle of the 19th century, Paisley Mills clothed the world. Christian Shaw founded an industry that dominated the world, and yet she is forgotten today.